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Download Gratis Map Dota 6.56

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dota 6.56

Dota 6.56 telah di rilis !!! Ya, baru saja map Dota 6.55 di rilis kini map Dota 6.56 telah muncul. Pada map Dota 6.56 ini terdapat beberapa changelog (perubahan). Pokoknya yang paling penting sekarang buruan deh download gratis dota 6.56 sekarang !!! Sebelum ketinggalan loh :D Daripada ntar waktu maen online di kick terus gara-gara mapnya masih DL ^.^ silakan klik link di bawah ini :

Download Map Dota 6.56

Dan berikut ini adalah beberapa changelog (perubahan) yang ada pada Dota 6.56 :

* Improved various different areas of the terrain
* Fixed a very old exploit that was recently discovered with Roshan
* Fixed a rare bug that could cause revives to malfunction
* Some performance improvements
* Tweaked Sentinel and Scourge tower bounty sharing mechanism slightly

* Improved Magic Stick a little
* Slightly reduced gold cost on Dust of Appearance
* Decreased Assassinate cooldown from 30/20/10 to 20/15/10 seconds
* Slightly Improved Death Prophet's base movement speed
* Improved Lucifer's cast animation point
* Lowered Admiral Proudmoore's starting Strength
* Slightly reduced slow duration and increased manacost on Torrent
* Tweaked the scaling of Tidebringer's AOE
* Nerfed Untouchable a bit

* RD selection area now becomes unexplored after the pick phase is over
* Terrain and Minimap elements are now visible at the start by default
* Fixed using courier's Drop Item ability to drop Runed Bottle and items in cooldown
* Moved the Tavern locations
* Circles of Power are now usable only when you buy a hero
* Added some new juke spots
* Fixed a few other exploits and bugs
* Fixed a bug with some icons on lower resolutions
* Fixed a small issue with Magic Stick visual effect
* Fixed Lina's model (246662)
* X Marks The Spot no longer recalls the target if he becomes magic immune
* Fixed an issue with Leoric's crown
* Added some new doodads
* Fixed some AI issues with Phase Boots
* Fixed some issues with Tidebringer not going into cooldown against Siege units
* Fixed various parts of the terrain where you could get stuck using the new TP scroll

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Barnz said...
October 14, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

where dl FUFU NINJA map?

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