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Online Bingo for New Player


You really like playing online game, especially online gambling game?, well nowadays many people are love this game. This game is very interesting and tricky. Online game allows you to play every time you want, because the inline game site will operate 24/7. But it is also tricky, because you cannot see your opponent and never know what strategy they will use. Anyway, beside that this online gambling game will totally fun.

If you still new and doesn’t know where to get information about bingo and other casino site. You can find some online bingo site or casino site directories that accommodate many links of bingo and casino site . You can see what is the most attractive online game site that will give you more bonuses, usually, this website will review some online bingo or casino site available; provide you the best bonuses with special promotion code. So you must be very careful when looking and read the content of this online bingo site.

Online bingo site and others casino site, usually will provide you more attractive banner and picture that will attract your attention. This is useful; looking for every banner advertisement will give you best information to choose. When you looking for this kind of website, you wont have any problem to access, because they always provide simple links and simple control. For new player, you must use it wisely.

Slot Vega


Playing casino trough the internet now became so popular. It is caused by the way of so easy and simple to be done. Here, if you want to play it on line, you can visit a site that is already for this term. This is absolutely Slots Vega for you who like to do gambling. A nice application for all the gamblers due to it is accepted as the best site for so many big cities in this universe, both local and abroad area.

You can also get some bonuses from that. But what is actually the site offers you? The site offers you a simple way in playing the casino with all the people from all over the world actually. An application you can get through the site. And it sis provided by a trusted company that can guarantee you completely.

So, when you have already had the slots on your computer, you can easily do a gambling with others. The kinds of the casino game you can choose freely. The information you need most are also available including the things about casino and so on. So, this is the sooner the better for you to grab the application now and enjoy the facilities inside it. Alter the way you gamble by using the nice one.

Car Insurance Quotes


http://www.insurance1.com For many auto mobile owner, protecting the assets they earn so hard is a crucial demands. It is a way to protect it from bad things we never expect such as thief, accident, or other cause of damage. That is why we need insurance for our assets or in this case our car.

With the increase of traffic accident, taking car insurance and life insurance is really important to protect you and your family from unexpected expense. It will be really helpful to reduce the loss you suffer. Imagine if you get an accident, you got hurt and your car damaged. How much will it cost to cure you and to fix your vehicle? If you are care about your assets and your family’s wealthy visit insurance1.com and learn more about the importance of auto insurance.

This website offers you a wide range of insurance products including health, life home and only the best car insurance quotes. You will find a wealth of information that will asses you further while making practically any insurance related decision. By filling the form, you will get up to 4 different quotes from competing insurance agents you can compare. Don’t worry about the security because only the relevant insurance agents to your request will be allowed to access your personal information. For any question, suggestion and complains, you can tell them in the contact us button.

All Casino Bonuses


All-casino-bonuses.com is an online casino bonuses portal. It scans the internet everyday to find new casino bonuses and promotions as well as special bonus codes and casino coupons. It also provides gambling playing guides, tips and strategies. There are many lists about top online casinos with detail information, sign up, high roller and No deposit bonuses that offer free casino bonus and also exclusive promotions about new casinos and poker bonus codes.

In the USA online casinos section, there are all online casinos who accept players based in the United States to assist American players who are looking for casinos accepting US players. The information received directly from the casinos themselves and updated as soon as possible. A casino will be immediately removed from the lists if it stops accepting US players. The player can search the casino they like by filling the form with the details needed. The searching always continued to find the additional casinos who qualify to be listed and recommended.

In the news pages, there are latest news about gambling and the players. There are also guides for beginner players, online gambling intro, casino legality issues, and news about gambling addiction. All of the information is listed and available with the depth reviews and thorough list of bonus.

Download Gratis Map Dota 6.53 Ai

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Map Dota 6.53 Ai udah keluar, setelah sebelumnya aku bagi2 Map Dota 6.53 dan Map Dota 6.53 plus dan juga Maphack Dota. Kini, Dota 6.53 Ai udah bisa di download secara gratis sekarang !!! Jadi, kamu bisa belajar maen Dota meskipun sedang sendirian :D Buruan download map Dota v6.53 Ai ini !!! Dota 6.53 Ai kali ini memiliki beberapa perubahan, untuk perubahan-perubahannya (changelog) pada Dota 6.53 Ai ini kamu bisa baca di sini !!! Tapi di sana pakai Bhs. Inggris, jadi siap2 bawa kamus ya untuk nerjemahinnya, atau kamu bisa ke ToggleText ^.^

Oke deh, daripada banyak bacot, langsung aja download di bawah :

Download Map Dota 6.53 Ai

Job Revolution


Are you looking for a job? Find the job that might appropriate with your education background in revolutionjobs.co.uk, in this website you can find many offers of job according to the sector, disciplines and the location, this website get the information of the job in New Media of leading magazine in United Kingdom. The disciplines are including account handling, advertising, marketing, design, productions and unspecified discipline.

The sectors of the jobs are also various, there are business to business, financial services, consumer goods and also media jobs as well as new media jobs. The jobs are spread out all over the United Kingdom. You can also see the featured employers, featured recruiters and featured digital jobs that offer jobs such as online marketing jobs.

This website also gives you advices to compose a covering letter and make a complete CV. The advices are including make a proper covering letter, a good CV and the common mistakes and also the structures of the letter and CV. With the latest digital vacancies provides by this website, you will be able to sign up for email alerts or use jobs RSS feeds to be informed for new vacancies, find the vacancies with leading United Kingdom digital employers and save Cvs on the site and track the applications to featured employers

Gold Rock Casino


Although now there is a plenty things of online casino, you must pay attention to the devices that support this application. The devices are such kind of software system and you cannot get it haphazardly. But now it seems so easy to get that by searching on the site. Yes, there is a site you can visit anytime as the place where you can get the application easily. It is available in the big cities also.

The offers you can choose as you like. If you can download the application freely through the http://www.goldrockcasino.com, the customer satisfaction becomes number one. You can go for the most interesting gambling and playing casino game ever. The designs and the services will be good actually. Whether you want to know more about how to get succeed in gambling, the site is also provide it for you completely enough.

Gambling is not easy to be done. It needs to be learned deeply and you have to know well about it in order to make you feel comfort when you are in the gambling time. Just click the site now and see the great choices and promotion you can get freely without spending anything else. Playing online casino can be more exciting than before if you can get the application from the site.

Playing Easy Poker Bonuses


May be this is become the main purpose of everyone if he is playing a game to get bonuses. There are a lot of games that can invite some profits for our pocket. One of them, you can join to play poker actually. You do not need to do hard things to get it. Just open the site where available for you about poker.

Here, through the http://www.easypokerbonuses.com/ you can get easy poker bonuses. When it is the time of good luck of you, you will get much amount of bonus than the usual. This is a place where so many players are joining the game and try to collect profit from it. There are consists of some poker rooms you like.

The offers of the site will make you get amazed and surprised, both, the bonuses and the reviews about poker. In the review, you can read and see what the most needed if you want to be succeed in playing the poker. Just register to the site now and on and try to get rich easily on the short time by joining and playing on the site right now. Do not get miss of it because the best chance of getting so many pleasures are already on the site.

The Online Casino Guide


You can get a pleasure or an entertainment not only going to somewhere, but you can get it by playing a game. You can also get solucky and prfit if you can play the game well. Talking about this thing, may be you know about casino.

Casino becomes the most wanted game that people want to play. But it seems for them is difficult to play it often and anytime they want to. But now there is online casinos you can find on the site. This is the real and most appropriate place for all of you who are gamblers and others. What you can find here are the entire things related to the casinos. Whatever you like you can do here.

But the most important thing is you can do such kind of gambling with all the people around the world. If you want, just visit the site and see so many interesting things inside the site. You can also choose the types of casinos you want to play. The site offers you the most enjoyable games ever. You can play easily and anytime you want. Just do not worry about the effect you will get. It is so safe to be done and the profit are waiting for you.

RF Online Sudah Ga Bisa di Cheat

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Tadi pagi waktu liat temen mau maen RF sambil pakai Cheat, eh ternyata RF Online lagi Maintenance. Berita maintenance-nya di sini ! Ga biasanya RF di maintenance di hari Kamis, biasanya kan hari Senin doank. Jadi penasaran nih aku, soalnya maintenance ini ga biasa dan maintenance kali ini cuman sampe jam 08:00 doank. Temenku pun terpaksa harus nunggu sampe maintenance-nya selesai. Setelah maintenance selesai temenku langsung buka RF Online + program kesayangannya (Cheat Engine), tapi waktu temenku mau nyoba pakai Cheat RF menggunakan Cheat Engine, eh yang terjadi malah RF-nya DC langsung dan ada tulisan kek gini "program ditutup karena penggunaan program hack ilegal"

Ah... akhirnya GM RF Online bertindak juga !!! Wkwkwkwk. Setelah sekian lama membiarkan para cheaters RF berkeliaran, akhirnya sekarang cheat udah ga bisa di gunain lagi di RF ^.^ Sekarang aku bisa maen dengan tentang deh :D Dan terhitung mulai tanggal 24 Juli 2008, Cheat RF Online sudah tidak bisa di gunakan lagi ! Ga tau lagi klo besok-besok udah ada cheat yang terbaru lagi dan patch kali ini bisa di jebol ^.^ Who's know guys !

Nih, aku ada screenshotnya waktu temenku lagi coba buka Cheat Engine. Tapi screenshotnya di aku taruh di Ms. Word dan aku compress ke format .rar So, Let's check it out :D Langsung download aja di bawah :

Download screenshot Cheat Engine

The Best Security System


Security-cameras-cctv.com is a website that will provide all your need about wireless security camera, home security cameras, CCTV security system and security camera including the accessories. Whether if you are a business owner who need a full protection to prevent bad things that might happen in your company, or you are a home owner who want to protect your family and assets, this website will provide your needs with exceptional price and hassle-free shopping experience including the professional camera installers, and Do-It-Yourselfers.

With the wide range of collection they had, all of your need in providing security will be completed for sure. Check out the wireless security collection they had including the wireless security cameras, wireless security system and the accessories. There are also wired security camera, standalone security DVRs, portable video recording, PC related DVRs, specialty cameras, CCTV accessories, and many more.

With the easy-to-use and informative internet based ordering system, they able to offer unbeatable prices. Check out the hot products and the hot deals that offer best quality products with lower price. All of the products are one year guaranteed and get the free ground shipping for the orders above $300. Read also the news related to the security in this website to ensure you before purchase the security system in this website

Casino News


There are so many kinds of great games you can play. Whatever the games, first you have to know is what the game is. This is one of the examples of well known games people play often. Casino sometimes can be a complicated game. Yes, casino. To play it seems need some ability. Considering how difficult in playing casino, now you can play it on line. You do need to attend the table and meet the others players directly.

Related to the on line casino game, you need to know well about this thing. How you can play it, what you should prepare and anything else. Now, if you wan to know all of them, you can visit a site that is available for about casino only. Here you can read some casino news.

The news contains so many information you need most like the rules in playing casino, the strategy how to get well in it, some story that happened involving casino problems, and many things. This is the best and so suitable for you to do such kind of gambling and may be you can get some luck from it. Just join the site now and be the one who take the advantages of knowing more about casino.

Good flights in London


London airport is now become one of the most busy airport in UK, where this is become the place for many international and domestic airline. If you look for London airport, there are 5 major airports that operate everyday. If you always travel with airplane, you will be experience with that. Those airports are Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, and London City Airport. If this is your first flight, it will be helpful if you just book your online tickets.

You can visit directline-flights.co.uk to get information about London flights. Schedule and booking your ticket for your plan is available here. You can choose many flight options here. Just like other flights, London flights are available from some big airline in the world. With this option, you can find your cheap London flights that are offered by several airlines. Different airport will give you several options.

If you refer to the site, you can also find compete information about flights. More information about holiday flight, price, city breaks and schedule. If you just want to search available flights from London, you can search in this site. Not only search, you can also book it for your upcoming flight. All you need to know about London flights are available here; get your best and cheap flights in London now.

Online Blackjack Guide's Site


Blackjack, who's never hear that ? I know, almost all people in the world have ever hear that, or play that ! Now, in the Internet technology, everybody can play blackjack from the Internet now !!! It's called "online Blackjack casinos". On the Internet there are so many online casino sites, if you don't know the sites, you can search its on Google and typed "online casinos". And you will see there are millions of online casino sites in the Internet. Now, you just need to choose the right online casino site for you. Because, not all casinos sites is great. You just need to choose the best site for you.

If you want to play online blackjack (onine casinos), you should to know the basic of this game. I found a great site for learning the basic of Blackjack strategies. The site is http://www.bjstats.com/ On those site, you will be guided how to be a great online casinos player. On those site, you are also can see the collection of online blackjack statistics and probabilities. http://www.bjstats.com/ will teach you the methods of gaining the advantage back from the house. http://www.bjstats.com/ is the best site for guide of online blackjack I've ever know.

Large Selection of Game Resources


If you claim yourself as a game addict you surely do not want to miss the most complete offer of games in the online games resources in the website at gamestoreusa.com. You can experience the benefits of lower prices and special offer there while browsing in the most complete game inventories. No matter that you are playing Xbox Games, PS3 Games or PS2 Games; you can find everything you need there. Find the games of Shrek the Third, Madden 08 2008 NFL Football, Moto GP 07 2007 Motorcycle Racing, Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, and many more.

Not only that, you will also see the options of Wii Games, DS Games, PSP Games, and GBA Games. Check out the website and see the full list of the games available to satisfy your gaming needs. Experience the enjoyable gaming fun with the games of Tony Hawk's Project 8, Samurai Warriors State of War, Metal Slug Anthology, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and so on.

Go to the website and see also the offer of the products under $10. See the details about payment and shipping information there and get help in their customer service. Not only purchasing, you can even sell your video games there in fast and easy way.

Download Gratis Map Hack Dota 6.53

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Kamu pernah denger yang namanya Map Hack atau yang biasa di sebut "MH" ? Aku yakin klo kamu sering maen Dota yang online, kamu pasti sering denger kata Map Hack (MH). Map Hack sendiri adalah salah satu cara curang yang di gunakan oleh seseorang waktu bermain Dota. Cara yang di gunakan adalah dengan menjalankan sebuah program yang bernama Map Hack dan dengan program tersebut, orang yang menggunakan program Map Hack jadi bisa melihat seluruh map, meskipun di markas musuh sekalipun. Mau liat contoh orang yang pakai Map Hack ? Nih liat aja screenshot-nya :D

1. Sebelum Map Hack di aktifkan

2. Setelah Map Hack di aktifkan

3. Lihat Roshan menggunakan Map Hack tadi

4. Neutral Creep kliatan semua dengan Map Hack

Gimana ? Setelah kamu liat program Map Hack tersebut, apa kamu tertarik buat mencobanya ? Saran-ku sih sebaiknya jangan di coba deh, apalagi buat maen online. Soalnya biar gimana pun klo maen Dota pakai program kek begituan mah, ga bakalan seru deh maennya. Apalagi klo kamu pakai program Map Hack ini buat maen online, bisa-bisa Id BattleNet kamu di BAN PERMANEN ama OP. Klo kamu kepingin dan penasaran buat coba program Map Hack ini, saranku sih buat maen LAN aja, dan buat sekedar iseng-iseng aja. Tapi, semua itu tergantung sama kamu sih. "Mau Pake Cheat ato Ga, itu Terserah Kamu !!!"

Nah, klo kamu penasaran buat coba program Map Hack ini, kamu bisa download link di bawah ini. Dalam link di bawah ini, aku sudah sediain sebuah link buat download program Map Hack tersebut. Oke daripada penasaran, langsung aja downlaod programnya di bawah :

Download Dota Map Hack

Dan untuk tutorial penggunaan programnya, kamu bisa kunjungi situs ini !!!

*Source TMSNetwork.org

NB : Resiko di tanggung Sendiri !!!

Best Casino Online


Between large counts of casinos online, this will be difficult to make a choice the correct one to play. Especially finding the comfortable casino to play. So you will need a site you can visit every time that will keep you up to date with the casinos with the best bonuses and payouts, as well as the casinos with new slots

One nice site for keeping up with those things is BestBuySlots.com. Their landing page site is very colorful and well organized with navigation links at the top in the following categories, new slot machines, top rated casinos, free slot machines, highest bonuses, and highest progressive jackpots, so you can easily enter the area that interests you the most.

When we go to the Best Casino reviews area you will see a top 12 list of casinos. Most of casino in this section has a small review and next to it there is a link to the casino. For the casino bonuses section they provides list of bonuses ranked from highest to lowest and links to the various casinos.

By the way, comparing to the normal casino bonus listings, this web page site also has a list of bonuses related to the payment option you chose. We can found these bonuses by clicking on the payment option links on the left sidebar.

Hot Information for Gamblers


Playing a game on a computer nowadays become so popular to be done. No matter what the games are. It is so easy and do not spend more energy to do it actually. If you are the real gambler or like to gamble with others, now you are on the right track to know about the on line game of it. The most well known is casino. The site of Online Casinos and Players is providing you some information dealing with the game. But not all of the on line casinos has its license. There some of it that can be welcomed well on the big cities likes US.

You have to choose the right site of it that can show you the most common players join in. Do not have a look to the offers only. You should know deeper by browsing the site deeper. The way you can play the on line casino well, you can get the advantages that you never know before. Through this site you can share about what you need to know about the online game. Both, the pleasure and the information you can get in easy way. No matter what kinds of obstacles you face, just get some fun in playing casino of your free time.

Poker Monger


It is all about games! No matter what kinds of game you play. The most important thing of game is about the way, that it can make you feel nice to play it. There are a thousand of games that you can play anytime you like. One of them is Poker. Poker is a complex thing actually due to the kinds of it and etc.

But it seems you need to know about Poker Monger. The most wanted game people are searching for. As you know it different from other games. It needs strategies. Now, you play it you do not need to meet with your friends on a table, because you can play it on line. So, what you need most is about this thing. You can browse a site that available for the poker on line. The most appropriate place for all the graders, even you are the beginners, or the experts.

The site has the information about poker and many more about this application through an Internet. Another thing that you should consider about the site is how it can make you feel satisfy with the offers. Due to the time you need shorter to be capable in playing the game, you have to browse the site well in order to be the nice one.

Playing Poker in Basic Texas Holdem


Do you like to play poker or something else to get a pleasure? Yes, playing poker today have became so popular to be done because its style. It is well known in Texas, and other big cities. It means nothing for you if you are playing the poker but you do not know how to play it well. It is not an easy game actually to be played.

It needs strategy and thinking in order to win. But if you can master both of them, you will enjoy the playing and become the expert of it. For you who are the first poker player and want to get more about it, you can visit the site about the thing. Here, you can find what you need related to the poker, one of them is Basic Texas Holdem, where you will know more about the strategy in poker play.

You can also play poker on line with another out side there. It is hoped when you have already entered the site, so you will learn how to be the best player. It is the right place for you and you do not need to go anywhere else to make you feel good about poker, have a nice try.

Ternyata Perubahan Itu Cuman Isu...

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Masih inget dengan perubahan-perubahan pada beberapa hero di Dota 6.53 kemarin ? Yang paling bikin aku ga percaya adalah perubahan yang terjadi pada TerrorBlade, di artikelku kemarin aku tulis klo Conjure Image (bayangan) dari TerrorBlade sekarang memiliki damage 100% pada level 4. Padahal, klo kamu tau, TerrorBlade yang asli memiliki Conjure Image dengan 55% damage pada level 4 dan itu aja udah sakit banget. Sekarang aja misalnya TerrorBlade ngeluarin 2 buah bayangan plus TerrorBlade yang asli, coba kamu bayangin udah berapa damage-nya ??? Misalkan aja TerrorBlade yang asli dengan damage 100 misalnya dan dia memakai skill Metamorphosis terus pake Conjure Image sebanyak 2 kali. Gila bo, udah HP lumayan keras, damage-nya sakit bener tuh, soalnya orang aslinya aja udah 100 damage, terus Conjure Image 2 kali (55% x 2 = 110%) jadi damage dari kedua bayangannya total ada 110. Nah, klo damage TerrorBlade yang asli di tambah Conjure Image-nya tadi, jadi total damage-nya adalah 210 !!!

Asumsi di atas itu, klo damage TerrorBlade yang asli cuman 100, nah klo misalnya damage-nya udah 150 ? 200 ? 250 ? Gila !!! Triplek Kill tuh... Wkwkwkwk ^.^

Setelah kemarin aku coba sendiri buat maen Dota 6.53+ ternyata perubahan pada beberapa hero itu tidak terbukti dan itu cuman Isu doank :D Isu tersebut aku peroleh dari Forum di situs resminya Dota-Allstars. Coba kamu baca2 sendiri aja ya di sini !!!

Udah dulu ah nulisnya... Lagi capek nih, aku maen Dota dulu ya. Coba hero baru neh ^.^

Dota v6.53 Dan Semua Perubahannya

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Map Dota 6.53 sudah bisa di download gratis sekarang !!! Map kali ini merupakan update dari Map Dota versi sebelumnya, yaitu Map Dota v6.52 Di Dota v6.53 ini terdapat banyak perubahan dan sayang banget klo di lewatkan :D Update dari map ini adalah Map Dota v6.53+ Pokoknya, pertama-tama yang harus kamu lakukan sekarang, buruan deh Download Gratis Map Dota 6.53 sekarang juga ! Setelah itu, baru kamu baca semua perubahan-perubahan yang ada pada beberapa hero di Dota 6.53 di bawah ini ^.^

Download Map Dota v6.53

Beberapa Perubahan pada beberapa Hero di Map 6.53 yaitu :

TerrorBlade - The SoulKeeper
1. Damage Conjure Image berubah menjadi 100% pada level 4
2. Jarak Sunder berubah menjadi 600 range pada semua level, dan cooldown menjadi 30 detik pada semua level skill
3. Skill Soul Steal di hapus dan diganti dengan skill windwalk

Omniknight - Purist Thunderwrath
1. Skill Purification sekarang bisa di gunakan meskipun sedang menggunakan skill Repell/Avatar
2. Skill Degen Aura di ganti
3. Skill Guardian Angel di rubah menjadi skill terbang

Lich - Kel'Thuzad
1. Lich bounce given AI program to increase hero target acquisition
2. Pilihan -Micro CF saat pemilihan Hero Lich (Peringatan : Sangat Sulit, di butuhkan kemampuan menggunakan Micro yang bagus) <<< Aku ga seberapa ngerti maksudnya :D

Huskar - Sacred Warrior
1. Efek skill Burning Spears tidak memungkinkan di target bangunan
2. Inner Vitality diganti menjadi pasif

Knight Davion - Dragon Knight
1. Elder Dragon Form (ulti-nya Davion waktu jadi Naga) sekarang di beri bonus dan damage seperti sebelumnya
2. Ukuran Elder Dragon Form (Naga) berlipat menjadi 3 kali lipat dan menghancurkan pohon-pohon terdekat
3. Skill Dragon Tail (stun) di ganti menjadi Storm Bolt dengan durasi stun yang sama

Razzil Darkbrew - Alchemist
1. Sekarang skill Acid Spray memiliki durasi waktu 30 detik lamanya
2. Skill Unstable Concoction sekarang hanya bisa stun selama 2 detik dan ga bisa lebih !!!

Lycanthrope - Banehallow
1. Serigala-serigalanya Banehallow sekarang melakukan pengepungan - tipe damage
2. Serigala sekarang di beri slot 2 buah untuk equip (Begitupula dengan beruang-nya Syllabear)
3. Durasi Wolves (serigala) menjadi 10 menit lamanya

King Leoric - Skeleton King
1. Untuk skill Reincarnation sekarang tidak perlu menggunakan mana :D

Ya, kira-kira itulah beberapa perubahan pada beberapa hero di Map 6.53 kali ini. Sebenernya masih ada lagi beberapa, tapi aku udah mentok tuh Bhs. Inggrisnya ^.^ Jadi sekian dulu deh. Untuk liat sumber aslinya ada di sini Dan untuk melihat changelog resminya kamu bisa liat di http://justforgamer.blogspot.com/2008/07/free-download-dota-map-v653-plus.html atau di sini !!!

Jasa Joki RF Online

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Bosen naikin level (levelling) ? Bosen naikin PT ? Bosen GM-in skill ? Ah... itu bisa di atasi sekarang :D Sekarang aku buka Jasa Joki RF nih buat bantu kamu kamu semua yang udah mulai bosen atau udah ga ada waktu buat naikin level atau naikin PT. Di sini, aku bisa melayani kalian semua di Server, Job, dan Bangsa apapun !!!

Untuk Jasa Joki ini, aku membaginya menjadi 2, yaitu :
1. Joki Level (Cuman fokus buat naikin level aja...)
2. Joki Level dan PT (jadi fokus ke level dan PT...)

Masalah HARGA ??? Santai, harganya terjangkau kok dan di NEGO :D Harga tergantung ama level kamu. Untuk pembayaran, bagi yang berdomisili di Surabaya bisa langsung ketemuan dan bagi yang di luar Surabaya bisa melalui transfer Bank.

"Apa Character dan equipku aman di tangan Joki ??? Apakah ga ada penipuan ???" Sante bro, aku ga bakal melakukan penipuan yang nantinya malah merugikan kamu sebagai konsumen aku. Dan untuk menjaga privasi Char kamu, setelah kamu memakai Jasa Joki aku, kamu bisa mengubah Password atau Fireguard kamu secepatnya.

Untuk masalah pemesanan Jasa Joki RF ini, kamu harus mengisi data-data mengenai Char kamu dengan format seperti di bawah dan kamu bisa melakukan pemesanan (order) melalui 2 cara, yaitu :
1. Pemesanan lewat email, kirim ke g4m3r_no_1@yahoo.co.id
2. Pemesanan lewat telepon atau sms ke 085645218055

Untuk format pemesanan, baik melalui email maupun SMS, harap tulis dengan urutan sebagai berikut :
Nama, Kota tempat kamu tinggal, Server Char, Bangsa Char, Job Char, Level Char, dan Equip Char kamu (Ga Keren, Biasa aja, atau Keren Bangettt)

Ardian, Surabaya, Venus, Acc, Striker, 49, Ga Keren

Tiap sms atau email yang masuk akan segera aku bales secepatnya dengan rincian biayanya juga. Sante bro, harga bisa NEGO kok dan terjangkau pula ^.^

Cheat Perfect World Gratis

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Halo semua ^.^ Lama ga ketemu, jadi kangen nih. Sekarang aku mau tunjukin video keren dari YouTube ke kamu, video ini adalah tentang Tutorial Pemakaian Cheat Perfect World atau biasa di sebut PW. Kamu pasti udah tau Perfect World (PW) kan ? Pasti tau donk :D Emang sih, klo di bandingin ama RF Online masih bagusan RF Online ketimbang PW, tapi PW lumayan asyik buat yang lagi bosen maen RF. Oh iya dalam video tutorial ini kamu paling tidak sudah download Cheat Engine, karena untuk menggunakan Cheat di Perfect World kamu harus memakai Cheat Engine.

Nah gimana ? Kamu udah download Cheat Engine-nya ?

Oke, sekarang simak baik-baik video di bawah ini ya :D Ups, aku lupa bilang, video ini pakai Bahasa Inggris, jadi klo nonton sambil bawa kamus ya, Bhs. Inggris-nya gampang kok, coz That's just using Daily Conversation ^.^