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Hero Apa Yang Paling Kuat ?

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Luna MoonfangDarkTerorJahrakal

Menurut kamu hero apa yang paling kuat di dalam game Dota ? Aku ada 3 kandidat nih, klo kamu ada kandidat laen silakan di usulin di sini. Nah, daftar kandidat dari aku silakan liat di bawah :
  1. 1. Luna Moonfang
  2. 2. DarkTeror
  3. 3. Jahrakal
Nah, dari ketiga hero yang aku sebutin tadi, menurut kamu hero mana yang paling kuat ? Dan alasannya kenapa ? Tolong sebutin ya ^.^ Ini sekedar polling iseng2 aja. Oh iya, klo kamu punya kandidat hero laennya, sebutin juga ga apa-apa kok :D Ga usah malu-malu deh pokoknya

Oh iya, aku tadi barusan nemu Wallpaper unik dan keren, aku nemu dari sini !!! Untuk liat wallpapernya silakan download aja langsung dan liat aja sendiri gambarnya ! Keren kok ^.^

Download Wallpaper Dota Keren

Place For Online Casinos Newbies


Are you a Newbie for online casinos ? Do you need a lot of guides to help you ? I have one for you. Casino Newbies is the right site's for you. In there, you will find a lot of tips for be a good online casinos player. You're also get some guides for playing Horse Poker, playing Poker in Thailand, playing Razz Poker, etc. Casino Newbies is also make reviews for several online casinos such as Ballys Casino Las Vegas, Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel Casino, etc. Don't be late to get news about online casinos in Casino Newbies, beacuse there is Gambling News in there. You can get new information about Tournaments !

Play Online Casino will be easy if you follow the tutorials on the Casino Newbies although you are a newbie :D In there you can get free flash casino games, so you can learn how to play casino games and how to be a great casino player. Anyway, these site's have a simple layout design with easy to use link navigations on the top of site. Casino Newbies is a heaven for beginner internet player ! Everybody can get some tutorials, tips and trick, and news about online casinos. So, what are you waiting for ? If you want to learn how to play online casino, Casino Newbies is your next destination !!!

Online Casinos


We can found a lot of online casino directory sites at the Internet, but not all of them offers online casinos list with different money currencies. Usaplayerswelcome.com is one of USA online casinos directory site that is not only give us a list of casinos and its review. But also provides casino game software options to their visitors.

All USA online casinos that listed on this site are accepting American players without any restrictions. Because of several kinds of online casino that they can found at Internet, the online casino review is very important for the new casino players, It will make an understanding before choosing the best online casino to play.

Video Games on Shopwiki


The thing that makes video games well known all over the world is it fun of playing. Not only the children like to play the video games, but also the older. Most of adult players thought that video games are the right choice to fill their spare time during the hard days. But, the addicted person of video game can play in all days, even without any foods to eat.

Anyway, it backs to the player personality itself. How he or she take the benefits of it. There are three top video game products at the markets. They are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo manufactures. But some versions of Microsoft Xbox such as, Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 Elite as the full deal. Then, for Nintendo, it has the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and Wii in production. The last Sony comes with a Blu-ray DVD player; and PlayStation 3 that was sold widely as well. So, you can choose which one that you think more advantage and good in quality. All of that, you can found at shopwiki.com especially at Video Game pages.

Data Storage recovery


Problems of data on hard disk or other storage are usually occurred on most PC that caused by physically damages, viruses, or file deletion. There are some hard drive recovery tools suitable for this case. We also can download and try the shareware from website, which offers demo software products. But doing this recovery by our self, will enabling the high risk for the hard drive. Our disk may become permanently damaged or more broken, and our critical data will not be recovered.

There is a company service that particularly handling for data storage recovery. By their professional staffs, hard drive repair is handling safely and ensuring from any fatal risk. By several equipment and tools, they also keep the security of sensitive data in our data storage. This company is called DTI Data.

This company claimed as the only one authorized manufacturer of data recovery service company. If we visit on their site page, DTI Data provides a lot information of Data Recovery Resources and give us variety services of data storage repairing. They also mention list of popular company as their customers such as Ford Motor , Cisco, US Army, NASA, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines and others to get trusty from prospect customers who’s visit their site. It means that DTI Data well known as reputable company in USA for data storage repairing handling.

DTI Data was founded on 1992 at Pasadena, Florida, and they claim over 100.000 data recovery services. It means they have 16 years experiences on this business. Their services are categorized on two kind sections. First, the data storage category such as IDE/SATA Hard drive, RAID data recovery, SCSI data recovery, External USB Hard drive, or iPhone data recovery. Second, the data kind category, their services are NTFS or Win32 data recover, MAC OS data recover, e-mails recover (MS Outlook Express), Retroburner for unreadable CR or DVD, Digital Music recover, damage zip document file recover, and Raw file recover.

On some data recovery services for specific hard disk manufacturers like Western Digital or LaCie they offers discounts. DTI Data still give the customer satisfactions by providing toll free support and hotline service, though they already have a great reputation on data recovery handling. We can ask for their evaluation and advice of our problem cases via the phone hotline. They will respond on 8 AM to 11 PM EST 7days a week.

Download Map Dota 6.52 AI Gratis

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Ayo buruan download Map Dota AI terbaru, kini udah keluar Map Dota v6.52 AI Plus 2.0 lho, setelah sebelumnya udah di keluarkan Map Dota 6.52 AI, namun masih terdapat Bug di map tersebut, yaitu BOT-nya ga bisa beli item dan hanya berputar-putar di sekitar Fountain (sama aja maen sendiri klo kayak gini ^.^) Untung aja akhirnya ada update dan jadilah Map Ai 6.52 plus 2.0 ini. Buruan deh download Map Dota ini !!! Mumpung Free !!! Gratis kok downloadnya ^.^ Untuk download Map Dota 6.52 AI Plus 2.0 ini silakan klik link di bawah :

Download Map Dota 6.52 AI Plus 2.0

Self learning poker strategy


If you are serious to be a good poker player, this information below may be able to help you. Poker game is one of popular gambling besides the famous blackjack game. Most of poker players learn this game from their friends, or parents. But another players maybe learn by doing or self-educated with tutorial books.

Now, they can increase their skills and knowledge of poker game by sign up at www.pokerstrategy.com, the best online free poker education site. Yes, this site offers four interest things for poker player, from beginner to professional:

First, the poker videos : with the video of professional poker player, we can learn by observe the real best poker strategy.
Second, the strategies : this is a list of article material poker strategy from basic to platinum level stage.
Third, the forum : we can interact with other poker player to share knowledge and poker strategy with them.
And fourth, the glossary : this page will help you to know any term, which used on poker games.

But, it is all the information valid for us? Of course, www.pokerstrategy.com have been doing their business since 2005. There are a lot of professional poker players behind them. So don’t be worry about their poker material validity.
For new members, they also offers $150 free bankroll by simply sign up and take their quiz.

Jual Character AyoDance

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Jual Char AyoDance, ayo buruan beli char AyoDance !!! Aku sekarang jual char AyoDance nih, buat yang berminat silakan beli ya ^.^ Totalnya ada 3 buah char AyoDance yang aku jual di sini, yaitu Char level 12 Cewek (Full Item mall), Char level 20 Cewek (Polos), Char level 27 Cowok (Full Item mall). Klo kamu berminat silakan tinggalkan komentar di bawah ato kirim email ke g4m3r_no_1@yahoo.co.id

Untuk masalah harga nego lewat email aja ya ^.^

Entrepreneur and a new rich


American entrepreneurs must be working hard in the present year, caused of a difficult economic situation. Even the economic experts said that American economy is going to recession. Many factors as a caution of this situation, but there are two big problems that faced by US Government: mortgage crisis and oil price.

But, this is not means that all opportunity to make a business is closed. Maybe that is true for intern the nation, but there is an interesting happened at overseas. The existing high oil price at the world markets causes more Nouveau Riche (French of new rich) are popping out from an oil exporter country. With large economic subsidies from their government, the Nouveau Riche have large money on their pocket to spend. This improvement of purchasing power will invite the entrepreneur to make a business around them.

For Russian or Middle East Asian peoples whose got a beneficial from high oil price, this is the right time to live it up and applies others service to fulfill their requirement. On simple words, the Nouveau Riche just want to give their money for someone who wants to take this opportunity. And only entrepreneur with good feeling can be success dealing business with them.

Online Free Games


Our activities using computer sometimes make us boring and get stress. Usually computer users getting relax with playing the games on computer. But it is only simple games software included on most computers by default. So, the player will reach the end of game for a few minutes and then get boring again. Not all computer users are game maniac likes me who have several games collection from arcade to strategy kinds of game.

The different case is happened if the computer connected to the Internet, because there are a lot of websites, which provides free games to play. You can choose the best game to play for free with variety kinds of online software games.

At gamesoid.com, the front page is separated with two categories of games: New Free Online Games and Popular Online Games. On New Free Online Games block, there are lists of new free games, which updated periodically. And at Popular Online Games section consists of free games that usually played by visitors.

Bad Credit Repair Service


Everyone have an experience about finance problem in their life, particularly for someone who drapes his or her finance from credits and loans. If we get this problem and causes bad credit history to us, then we can't take any loans or credits yet. This prohibition is applied to us until the problems are fixed. And we need credit repair services to solve it.

Several companies offer bad credit repair services for their customers, and some of them provide their services online at Internet. So, there is not difficult to find bad credit repair that meets what our needs. And one of those companies is repairyourbadcredit.com, which offers repair credit service called DSI Solutions. This company provides most kind of repair credit products,such as: credit cards, auto loans, home loans, personal loans and other related. At their site we can found some testimony and recommendation from their customers whose got benefit of using their services.

Hunting Cheap Stuff


Hunting cheap stuff at online merchants is one of favorite activity for person who's often go shopping online. A lot of website provides information how to get and using coupon code for buy something at Internet. Coupon code, as described at wikipedia, is a coupon in which offered to Internet users for reducing price or shipping cost with a percentage discounts. Usually coupon code issued by retail stores to reach their selling target. But, actually the coupon code can only used to buy product in which have not popularity on the markets. So, the coupon codes will avoid the merchant from bigger loss like car rental coupons and best buy coupons.

Findsavings.com is one of sites, which provides several free coupon codes. Wide range stuff categories from electronics to pets’ coupon code we can found on their site. We also can found about 500 merchants from their list of stores page. And on each of store links, they tell us how many coupons are available to get. For example, on Adidas Shoes link, present three coupons available to buy shoes or footwear. The discounts or rebates are vary depend of merchant and the product. But, it can be range from 5 percents to 50 percents for each product. It will be more affected to expensive products which we cannot buy caused of our inability.

Ternyata, Dota Ada Sejarahnya !!!

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Wah, setelah lama maen Dota, baru kali ini aku denger tentang sejarah Dota. Padahal biasanya aku maen tinggal pusah kiri, push kanan, push tengah, dan hajar !!! Ternyata masih banyak yang belom aku tahu tentang Dota ini. Nah, aku nemu sejarah tentang Dota ini dari sebuah blog milik Ryntoz. Berikut adalah sejarah yang berhubungan dengan Dota ^.^

Aegis of the Immortal - Tameng yang menurut legenda dulu digunakan oleh Zeus, Dewa Yunani.
Aghanim’s Scepter - Aghanim adalah nama boss terakhir di beberapa game Zelda.
Uriza-Do Kanyon - Item dari game Diablo II.
Dagon - Dewa Semitic.
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity - Sebagai penghormatan kepada pembuat DotA yang pertama kali (Eul). Sedangkan Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse mengikuti tradisi ini dan merupakan item untuk mengenang perintis map DotA Allstars (Guinsoo).
Eye of Skadi - Skadi adalah istri dari Van god Njord dalam mitology Norse. Dia adalah dewi salju, dan untuk menghormatinya, item ini membuat hero dapat memperlambat gerakan musuh pada setiap serangannya (Frost Attack).
Lothar’s Edge - Sebagai penghormatan kepada Sir Anduin Lothar, Ksatria dari Azeroth yang memenangkan “First War” (Warcraft & Warcraft II).
Necronomicon - Buku fiksi tentang sihir yang ditulis oleh H. P. Lovecraft.
Nethrezim Buckler - Nathrezim atau Dreadlords adalah salah satu ras dalam lingkup game Warcraft.
Stygian Desolator - Senjata dari game Anarchy Online.
Heart of Tarrasque - Mahluk mistik yang menyerupai naga, singa, dan kalajengking. Juga merupakan salah satu boss dari game Starcraft.
Yasha - Sejenis setan dalam mitologi Indian

Akasha - Salah satu dari 5 element dari kepercayaan Hindu. Juga merupakan nama karakter Queen of the Damned dari buku yang ditulis oleh Anne Rice.
Atropos - Salah satu dari 3 takdir dalam mitologi Yunani, yang menurut legenda berarti “memotong benang kehidupan”. Hal ini diwakili dalam game dengan ultimate Fiend’s Grip yang akan menguras darah musuhnya.
Azwraith - Hero ini menggunakan model/icon berdasarkan dari karakter Kimhari dalam game Final Fantasy.
Furion - Pemimpin dari Night Elves yang menguasai alam dari game Warcraft III.
Bradwarden - Karakter centaur dari buku The Demon Awaken yang ditulis oleh R.A. Salvatore.
Juggernaut - Ultimate hero ini merupakan turunan dari omnislashnya Cloud Strife dalam game Final Fantasy VII.
Lina Inverse - Nama karakternya berasal dari Slayers, sebuah manga dan anime yang cukup terkenal.
Kel’Thuzad - Murid dari Lich King dari game Warcraft III.
King Leoric - Namanya berasal dari karakter di Diablo yang anaknya dirasuki setan.
Krobelus - Karakter dalam game Summoner 2.
Leviathan - Hero yang keliatan seperti raksasa laut. Namanya berasal dari mahluk laut yang cukup melegenda.
Lucifer - Malaikat yang jatuh dalam dosa (setan) dalam tradisi Kristiani.
Leshrac (the Malicious) - Karakter dalam game Magic the Gathering.
Magnus - Seorang fisikawan German, Heinrich Magnus, yang menulis tentang fenomena efek Magnus. Sedangkan hero ini memiliki ultimate Reverse Polarity yang mirip dengan apa yang terjadi dalam efek Magnus.
Medusa - Monster dalam mitologi Yunani yang pandangannya dapat merubah orang menjadi batu. Hal ini diwakili dalam game dengan ultimate Purge yang dapat sangat memperlambat gerakan musuhnya, meskipun tidak sampai merubah mereka menjadi batu.
Morphling - Shapeshifter dari game Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering, yang juga ahli dalam merubah-rubah statsnya.
Naga Siren - Merupakan mahluk dari mitologi Yunani, dimana siren (setengah manusia, setengah mahluk laut) mempengaruhi para pelaut agar datang ke pulau mereka. Dalam game, ultimate hero ini, Song of the Siren menyebabkan sekelompok musuh tidur selama beberapa waktu.
Rikimaru - Ninja dalam game Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins.
Zeus - Dewa petir dan juga pemimpin para dewa dalam mitologi Yunani.

Nah, gimana ? Ternyata banyak banget kan sejarah yang berhubungan dengan Dota ^.^ Aku ucapin terima kasih kepada anak-anak dari Indodota, indogamers, dan terutama thanks buat Ryntoz yang udah memperbolehkan aku untuk mengambil beberapa artikel tentang sejarah Dota ini ^.^

*Sumber http://ryntoz.blogspot.com/2008/03/warcraft-dota.html

Journey to Europe


Visiting Europe is one greatest dream for everyone who's live on another continents. There are a lot of several places and stories in Europe, which have beautiful views or cultures. It is nice to imagines some popular and famous place such as London, Barcelona, Rome, or Dublin. But, how is about the accommodation? You may spend all of your money saving or maybe sell your home for this journey. Jus kidding!

There is a site that offers cheap accommodation and hotel for several tourist destinations in Europe. The site is easytobook.com. They provides information to booking hotels on most big city in Europe, such as London hotels, Dublin hotels, Rome hotels, Barcelona hotels, New York hotels, or Prague hotels.

Learn Blog Design and Computer Related Topics


There is a large of experts whose share their knowledge and experience on internet. Most of them using blogsite or forum site to place their articles. Some experts said that by helping others, they got great satisfaction and respect. But another ones just want to expose their existence especially for expert confession. Finding those forums or blogsites, which scattered on Internet, is very easy, especially on computer programming and web design. Because, most of internet users are coming from that fields.

StylishWebDesign.us is one of them. This site provides not only articles about computer programming or design blog or website. But also talk about operating system and its security, such as in their article about handling user accounts on Windows and spyware community.

StylishWebDesign.us is build and authored by Gombos Atila using Wordpress CMS. This is one of very popular, simplest, and easy to use CMS in the world. By reading some articles on this site, I conclude that the author seems having a deep experience and knowledge about topics that written by him. Because the style of his article is very technically for anyone who’s learn the topic in a few days. By the way, visitors of his site can interact with the author by post some comments or ask a question like on another blogsite.

Gaming Guide Site's For You


There are several gambling sites and Internet casinos that need to be tested before starting to play. We need other gambler share experience or game reviewer to check whether the casinos are legitimate or not. And there are also many reviewer sites, which can help us to find the trustworthy online gambling service, strategy and avoid scammer.

As we know, not most of USA online casinos or gambling reviews are trusty. Their review is based on various factors. There is including whether the reviews based on personal experiences or only promote the affiliate link. Another question, are the reviewer has enough experiences for testing and reviewing the game? With personal experiences, reviewers always have power their reviews. One of the websites that provides this review or other related online casino information is.gamingguide.net

They will help beginners to find the online casino web site that provides the simplest explanations for those hard to understand terms of online casino selection process. On this site we also can found list of casino sites by group category menus. At kind of game category, there are lists of about 10 online casino: poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Bingo, Keno, Lotto, and Backgammon. Another group menu is list of guiding information to play the games, such as Casino Game Rules, Gambling News, Gambling Jokes, Book Shop, Currency Converter, Gambling Dictionary, Street Maps, World Land Casinos and Las Vegas Motels.

Use Mailbox for Your Home


Most of people think that in modern era, we didn't need a place to save our mails that are received from our friends. But that is wrong idea. We still need at least one store in our home to keep our mails and properties safe. So, having mailbox for our home is still important. But sometimes, we are confused to decide you choose the appropriate and best mailboxes to be placed in our home. It must and should be eye catching, in good condition, have a unique shape, and the most important thing is it safe from thieves and can be used for a long term.

Mailboxixchange.com offers various kinds of mailboxes in which suitable for our needs. This site will help and guide us in choosing and getting interesting mailboxes. We can found low price list, buyers’ guide and the guarantee information if our mailbox is broken. They also have an affiliate program that will pay commision to us, if we get some mailbox buyers for them.

Fast Cash Advance


Just like proverb says that there is nothing that money can buy. May be it is so appropriate with the condition that happen too all people in this world. People can click an available site that can give a thousand help especially related to the financial problem.

This is about getting cash advance or in other words is payday loans. It can be done actually for the borrowers of cash money in paying per day. It is such kind of no fax payday loan. If we are joining the site, the facilities those cans we get are so many. The expert will do the best or our loans. How can they help us? Just o not to be worried, they will do such kind of matching with a lender. In a short time, they will contact us and we can receive our loan as soon as we need.

But these things should be think first that we cannot join this case in haphazard way. Because we have to mature enough, having a regular income and still having a bank account. But that are not difficult or us, we need to try little bit hard thing to earn money in an easy way. Have a nice try!

Online Credit Cards


Wanting something that can be used anytime? Even we go to someplace that force us to go shopping or buying beautiful items, and the problem is we do not bring enough money with us, and all that we have to do is taking the money at a bank first. May be that can be something difficult to be done, because people want something easy and fast. But now they can smile with the facilities that are offered by a bank.

One of the facilities are online credit cards. This is a tool that can be used to pay anything. Small item, that can be brought anywhere. People do not need to worry anymore of having no money in the time they need it.

There are so many things that should be paid attention if someone is having this kind of tool. First, people have to know the best and right of this tool. Why? Because we all know that many banks are offered the best cards of them, but finally that cannot guarantee well. Second, people whose having to brave compare the cards that they have with others.

And the last is people should use the most appropriate cards for themselves. It should work well or the users. So, what are you waiting for? Click the site that offer for their best cards.

Easy Payday


Anybody are wanting something fast in everything. Furthermore if it is related to money. As we know every people in this world needs that money, anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. If you're in a money emergency, a payday loan can help you get back on your feet by giving you a loan based on your current paycheck.

Here, they need something like online cash advance. Yes, it could be the easiest way to earn money in quick time. This loan is not difficult as we think actually. It just like pay day loan. In a account of day, we can get money in amount of we need.

We do not need to be worried again. The available site is also helping us in doing this. But it should be took a note that or people who want to take this loan are limited in the case of the sum. But just do not think too because of this thing, because people usually need this in a short time. It also can help in saving the status of the financial problem of someone.
So, get the advantages by visiting the site that can help your problem, and get fun of getting money in easy way.

Play Online Backgammon


Nowadays, getting such kind of pleasures is very easy. With so many sophisticated technology and tools. Just by sitting in front of your computer you can get a lot of things that can make you feel happy.

This is for an example. People who maniac to play games, they do not to be worried anymore because they do not have to go to anywhere else actually. There are two kinds of games that are popular now like backgammon or blackjack. First is backgammon. This is a boar game that can be played only by two players. This is also the oldest board game in the world. There are so many variant of this game that can be selected by people who want to play it. It appropriates for a family game.

Another popular games that also can be played easily is Blackjack. But blackjack is little bit different from the previous one. This is like casino card games. People, who like gambling, will get their own pleasure if they can play this game well. So, what are you waiting for? The experts of computer already fix these two kinds of games, in order to enjoy by all the people in this world, especially people who love games much. Serve your self and make new atmosphere of playing a game.

Jual Character RF Online - Accretia - Venus

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Hai, aku sekarang mau Jual Char RF lagi nih, untuk kali ini yang aku jual adalah Mercenary level 47 server Venus. Buruan deh beli character yang satu ini, soalnya equipnya keren-keren dan PT-nya Mantap abis ^.^ Deskripsi Characternya silakan liat di bawah :
  • 1. Mercenary
  • 2. PT Mantap
  • 3. Booster
  • 4. Baju 1 set level 47 dekat (polos)
  • 5. Sepatu +1 Mercy
  • 6. Kepala Wisdom level 45 dekat
  • 7. Strong Intense FL level 40 +4 (Ignorant) slot 7
  • 8. Intense Cycle Knife +1
  • 9. Injure Intense Gunblade (level 40)
  • 10. Perisai Intense +1 (level 43)
  • 11. CP 5.000.000,00 (kalau mau nambah CP tinggal kamu tambah Rp)
Nah gimana char-nya ? Keren kan. Buruan beli deh, soalnya ini chear udah banyak yang nawar. Aku jual char ini dengan harga Rp. 425.000 aja. Harga masih bisa Nego kok.

Klo kamu berminat ama char ini kamu bisa tinggalin komentar di bawah atau kamu juga bisa kirim email ke aku di g4m3r_no_1@yahoo.co.id Dan klo kamu mau langsung ngomong ama aku kamu bisa sms ato telp aku di 081331176654. Khusus Surabaya bisa langsung ketemuan. Thank you ^.^