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Data Storage recovery


Problems of data on hard disk or other storage are usually occurred on most PC that caused by physically damages, viruses, or file deletion. There are some hard drive recovery tools suitable for this case. We also can download and try the shareware from website, which offers demo software products. But doing this recovery by our self, will enabling the high risk for the hard drive. Our disk may become permanently damaged or more broken, and our critical data will not be recovered.

There is a company service that particularly handling for data storage recovery. By their professional staffs, hard drive repair is handling safely and ensuring from any fatal risk. By several equipment and tools, they also keep the security of sensitive data in our data storage. This company is called DTI Data.

This company claimed as the only one authorized manufacturer of data recovery service company. If we visit on their site page, DTI Data provides a lot information of Data Recovery Resources and give us variety services of data storage repairing. They also mention list of popular company as their customers such as Ford Motor , Cisco, US Army, NASA, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines and others to get trusty from prospect customers who’s visit their site. It means that DTI Data well known as reputable company in USA for data storage repairing handling.

DTI Data was founded on 1992 at Pasadena, Florida, and they claim over 100.000 data recovery services. It means they have 16 years experiences on this business. Their services are categorized on two kind sections. First, the data storage category such as IDE/SATA Hard drive, RAID data recovery, SCSI data recovery, External USB Hard drive, or iPhone data recovery. Second, the data kind category, their services are NTFS or Win32 data recover, MAC OS data recover, e-mails recover (MS Outlook Express), Retroburner for unreadable CR or DVD, Digital Music recover, damage zip document file recover, and Raw file recover.

On some data recovery services for specific hard disk manufacturers like Western Digital or LaCie they offers discounts. DTI Data still give the customer satisfactions by providing toll free support and hotline service, though they already have a great reputation on data recovery handling. We can ask for their evaluation and advice of our problem cases via the phone hotline. They will respond on 8 AM to 11 PM EST 7days a week.

Anonymous said...
May 28, 2008 at 3:10 AM  

Their software rocks. Good tools and resources.

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