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Be Game Tester Feel the New Games


You have taken the first step in getting a job doing what you love! Access to the following guide will not only give you the best consolidation of video game testing job listings online, but will also help you succeed when you apply. That’s right, with igametester.com they are not just helping you find the job, but they want you to get it. The resources in this guide are meant to help you find and score game tester jobs. iGameTester wants to add you to the long list of satisfied customers.

This guide contains the following information; first what companies are currently hiring beta testers for unreleased games, second where you can get an up-to-date listing of other job openings in your area, third helpful websites for the game-tester community and the last recommendations to help you get a job.

To succeed, and increase your earning potential as a video game tester, it is important to find bugs, and to communicate well. If you find bugs, but can’t explain how you found it, what you think is wrong, and what should happen, you’re not adding value to the process. A big part of your job is a passion for playing games. The rest involves figuring out problems, and actively contributing to the game development and design process. Many companies and recruiters are going to ask you for a resume. If you don’t have a resume (or want some ideas on creating a better one) this section is important. Set aside at least three hours (that's an average length of time to complete a resume if all goes smoothly.


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